End conflict in our lives

I’m sure most of you think that is a pretty interesting title. And if you have been studying the conference talks. President Nelson gives a profound talk on the Power-of Spiritual Momentum. He gives us five suggestions on how to increase that in our lives. The last of the five is end conflict in your personal life. We have been asked to teach our missionaries this Thursday morning on that topic. It has made us really contemplate conflict. Is there anyone who has lived a life without conflict or contention? The answer is definitely NO !!!!!!! Contention can come easily in our relationships with friends, neighbors, ward members, and family. We each need to realize that the only one we can change is ourselves.

There is a cute story of a couple that spent their whole life with the wife continuing to get after her husband for leaving toothpaste on the mirror, Her husband passed away and after a week she noticed that there was more toothpaste on the mirror. She had spent way too much time worrying about the toothpaste he had put on, realizing that she had contributed just as much toothpaste to their mirror.

Through our study we have realized that most conflicts and contention come from, a lack of communication, making judgments and assumptions about others, competitive spirit driven by pride, cultural differences or the way that you were raised, and thinking that we are better than someone else.

Part of our vision in this mission is following and living the two great commandments. Loving the Lord with all our heart, soul and might. And the second is loving our neighbor. On these two commandments hang all the laws of our lives. What would life be like if we all just simply lived the two greatest commandments that God has given us!!!

In our book of Mormon reading last week we just finished reading about Captain Moroni and Pahoran. There certainly could have been a conflict between Moroni and Pahoran. Moroni tells him of his great neglect, and his thoughtless state of stupor, that he should be more diligent, does he suppose he can sit and do nothing. We know not but what ye yourself is also a traitor to your country. But Pahoran responds to Moroni telling him I do not joy in your great afflictions yea it grieves my soul. They have risen up in rebellion against me and also those are my people they have sought to take away the judgment seat from me because of their great wickedness and behold they have driven me out and I fled to the land of Gideon! And then the great teaching moment of turning the other cheek with love Pahoran says, you have censored me but it matter not I am not angry but do rejoice in the greatness of your heart!

How grateful we are for the Scriptures in our life, it seems that every time we have any questions or concerns so many times that is answered through our reading that week. And how grateful we are for our Savior Jesus Christ who knows all things, and who can handle and help us thru any challenge or conflict that we face. We continue to pray each day that we will be worthy to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost, pay attention to those promptings an act upon them. And of course prayer and many times fasting especially when we are petitioning the Lord for a special blessing and helping us with a difficult conflict. And we cannot forget to forgive others, when we do that we find ourselves filled with inner peace and a lot of joy. And one last help that is tremendously helpful to us every single week is the partaking of the sacrament, can’t imagine what our lives would be like if we were not able to partake of that sacred ordinance each week.

This is a picture that is on my computer every morning when I open it, I have learned to love that picture. To me it represents everyone working hard, and trusting in the savior.
This was a Young Women Activity that we held on July 27. Of course we looked in our shed and found this handcart and thought we need to do an activity with that. And that evening was one of the best days of my mission, I had five young women show up. One of them I had just met for the first time. I had visited her home probably a dozen times and visited with her mom but she was always unavailable for me to talk to. How grateful I am for being consistent and not giving up.
We made amazing Dutch oven upside down cakes. With homemade ice cream. All in attendance loved it
These are my Branch Member‘s that helped me along the trek. They shared stories about their ancestor. They did an amazing job and we felt the spirit!
A pineapple upside down cake and a German chocolate. With homemade chocolate chip ice cream and peach.

We are so grateful for each of you. We feel of your prayers and your love for us as we are serving.

Elder and Sister Mitchell


2 thoughts on “End conflict in our lives

  1. I think sometimes we bring conflict on ourselves. I was filled with the holy ghost when justin passed away. But a few weeks later I was researching covid and it said if you are intubated you only have a 3 % chance of surviving so I got mad at myself and said why did I let them intubate him. I realized I had to let it go it didnt change the outcome and their was nothing I could do about it. And so I dont dwell on the things I cant change and it has brought me more peace.


  2. I love reading of your mission adventures. I’m sure the people there in Michigan are loving your enthusiasm and talents. Good job!!!


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