Another week in paradise

We had zone conference this week. Elder Mantangi is serving right now with us in Allegan. He is a very soft gentle Elder. Well he performed a Haka in zone conference which was a shock to all of us. We were all touched so deeply by this tribute he paid to this Elder going home.

Malo e lelei… Hola… and Hello, Friends. My name is Elder Matangi. Currently serving here in Allegan, Michigan about to hit 8 months… I think. I don’t like keeping count. Like every other Missionary who Loves the Work, the First day feels like Yesterday. Sister Mitchell has a video of me performing something that relates to my Testimony I would like to share. What you see is a Haka. A War Dance and Chant originated from the Native people of New Zealand, The Māori. In traditional times, Warriors would perform this Dance in preparation for Battle and War. Now, in the Present days, Hakas are mostly performed for such ceremonies as Weddings, Celebrations, Funerals, Welcoming and Farewells. The times are different but, THE MESSAGE will always be the same. The Haka can be misinterpreted at times. Though it may seem aggressive, it is a Sign of Respect, Recognition, Physical, Mental, and especially Spiritual Strength. In this particular Haka, “Ka Mate”, I performed this to pay Tribute to an Elder who is preparing to return home. Elder Averill, my Trainer, my first Companion, the first person I called Friend then Brother while being here on the Mission. This was my “Thank You” and my “Farewell”. The last few lines, in English, translates: “the Sun shines!” My message within this was: until we meet again, May the Sun shine on both of us. The very last word: “toa” means Warrior. With my hand hitting my heart, I’m signifying the Heart of a Warrior. From one Soldier of God to Another. I thank God, our Heavenly Father, for blessing me. For blessing us, for blessing our lives… as Trees. Trees will never grow on their own. They need Water, Air, Sunlight, and many more. Us as Humans are the same. We need food and water to stay full and fed, heat to stay warm, cold to stay cool, clothes, cars, money, and etc. More importantly, Hope, Faith, Belief, Courage and Honor, Love and Respect. We find that through the people we meet in Life. Our Families and Friends… the Roots to our Trees. They help us Grow and stand Firm and in time, they will help us provide Fruits. Not apples or peaches but, Fruits of our labor. The Fruits that come from His Power and His Love… in which has no comparison. This is my testimony that God’s work, works through all of us. We all are connected and will one day… reunite with our Father in Heaven. Ofa Atu!! (Goodbye/ Love you)

I hope you liked that was that not amazing!

Service making cakes
District at Zone Conference
Sister Heap and the Sisters at Zone Conference

Have a great week!

Elder and Sister Mitchell


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