Fall is in the Air!

We hate to share this because we have heard Utah has been scorching hot!!! But here in Michigan it has been a most beautiful summer, we probably have only had maybe five days that was kind of miserable. We definitely can feel fall is in the air, we went down to a beach area today for our PD and it was chilly the temperature is about 63.

We kind of had a sad week, Dennis Hales One of our friends that our missionaries had been teaching, he was by the side of his bike and a car hit him and killed him instantly. We have truly contemplated his desire to press forward in so much adversity in his life. A month ago at our last fast and testimony meeting he came to the front of the chapel, not to the podium with the mic. He then bore such a beautiful powerful testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. it was at the end of our meeting and he was the last one, all of us felt the spirit and it truly was a beautiful ending of that meeting. Little did we know that he would be taken so soon from us.

It truly has been so amazing to watch the change in our good friend Bill Stocking and his sweet wife Ann. They have six children, many of them do not want anything to do with the church, their children came to Bill’s baptism but one of their daughters Donna did not. A few days ago she came into their home and asked Ann if she would Photoshop her picture in that baptism picture. And then they have a grandson Jaxson that came to Colby‘s baptism and felt the spirit, and has been to our last two sacrament meetings and literally loves coming to church he is 12 years old. Clearly you can see that the spirit is working on this family thru The goodness of Bill and Ann!!!!

This is the day that he was baptized June 11, can’t believe the progress he has made.
His father had passed away one year ago in June so of course when he was baptized he was so excited to go do the work for his father. It was such a special day. This is outside the Detroit temple with some of our Branch members who came to participate with Bill on this special day.
This is his grandson Colby, we had the missionaries teach him because we felt like they would do really good with him.
This is a picture of Bill and Ann this last Sunday, he blessed the sacrament for the first time. He had went and picked up a white shirt and a suit!!!! Doesn’t he looks so sharp!

We are so grateful for the strength we receive from daily studying and reading the Book of Mormon. The word of God changes us. As we apply what we learn in the Scriptures, it changes us. Our ability to emulate our Savior is enhanced as we daily study from the Book of Mormon. Our own personal conversion deepens as we study daily from the Book of Mormon. We testify of the power of the Book of Mormon. How we love this precious book!!!!!!!

Elder and Sister Mitchell


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