Michigan in fall color

We have just a few more days before we start heading back home to Utah. How grateful we are for the opportunity to be missionaries here in Allegan Michigan. Our branch has truly placed a mark on our heart that we will never forget.

Elder Rasband when he talked in our last general conference held up a worn Book of Mormon that he had when he was serving a mission. . He commented that that book was very precious to him. We likewise have two very special Book of Mormons that are precious to us as we have served here in Michigan for the last year. Our Mission President gives us an invitation to read the Book of Mormon through between each General Conferenc. He asked us to underline certain things. But with that we have also underlined very personal inspiration that has come to us as we have read that sacred book. This book fits its title Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Without a doubt you could say that we both are a Book of Mormon missionary. We have learned that no matter what our challenges, our struggles, whether it be anxiety, depression, answers to a certain question, needing clarity of doctrine, learning the characteristics of Christ, his extreme mercy for each of us, encouraging each of us to repent and get on the covenant path, The way back when we struggle, his outstretched hands continually, Teachings of the restored gospel that the Book of Mormon gives us all of that, it gives us great power. What power does this great book give us, it gives us the power to be healed, comforted, restored, succored , strengthened , and most importantly it cheers our souls. We testify that is true, because that is exactly what it has done for us this last year!!!!!!!

This is what you see as you travel around Michigan it’s just spectacular
The freeways even have gorgeous trees on either side it is just gorgeous
We had a Stake Women Conference! It was magnificent the theme was Carry On! The stake relief society had gone through so much effort, I was so grateful that they had such a fantastic turnout. It is much different than our state activities back home because some of these people had to drive an hour and a half to get there. I personally drove 40 minutes to get there.
Wyatt Stocking, The day he was baptized. He just wanted a really small group, so there was us, his parents, and our full-time elder missionaries and our branch president.
This is one of our members Melissa Smith, she really takes care of us missionaries. She was not active but she now is very active. She truly has been a blessing to our branch.
They had a senior get together before we will be leaving. We went bowling and then we had a lunch. It was a very enjoyable Saturday.

Our District, these young elders and sisters have so much energy. They sure have blessed our lives.

We love you all and are so grateful for your prayers that you offered for us as we have been away from our home for the last year.

Elder and Sister Mitchell


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  1. What a blessing you have been to those you serve!!! We love missionaries!! Be safe driving home…..love you!❤️

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