It seems like each week it just gets better and better! We have found that busy is such a blessing! And the Lord definitely loves effort. This weekend we had Bill Stocking‘s grandson get baptized. Colby was taught by Elder Stoker and Elder Matangi. He is 10 years old, and he was super excited! He was so prepared and ready. He wanted to have pizza, watermelon and play basketball afterwards. So of course all of those things happened!

We are working really hard with the Heintzman Family. If you have been reading our blog Curt Heintzman is not a member of the church. Which is the father, but you would think that he was! He has had some mountains to climb and we have been REJOICING this week as he has made some great progress!!!!! His daughter Lily is one of my young women, and his wife Wendy is the relief Society president in our branch. Their son Brier is a young man, and they’re son Ryder is in primary. So when we first came to this branch we had one in primary, one in young women’s, and one in young man’s. Only one family was attending which was the Heintzman Family. Exciting right now we have the Herrington, Hoffman, and Earls families. We don’t see them each week but we continue to count our blessings that they are coming and enjoying and associating with us members in the branch. Once again we REJOICE!!!!!!

We REJOICE in our Savior Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice. We REJOICE in his matchless love for each of us! We REJOICE in the great plan of salvation that families can be together forever! We REJOICE in a Living day Prophet, President Russell M Nelson who sees our day and guides us! We REJOICE in the scriptures, especially the book of Mormon that is another testament of Jesus Christ. We continue to count our blessings and REJOICE in our amazing family, and our wonderful friends that continue to strengthen us each day! We REJOICE In new birth! We REJOICE in missionary work! We truly do Stand all Amazed at our saviors infinite love for each of us. May we always find reasons to REJOICE!!!!

Elder Stoker, Colby, Bill Stocking, and Elder Matangi. REJOICE
Jaiden and Hannah Hiskey blessed us with a new great grandson!!!!! Life doesn’t get any better than this! REJOICE!
Caleb Jaiden Hiskey truly a piece of heaven! REJOICE
Our wonderful district on P- Day. We truly REJOICE For the blessings they are in our lives.

Grandson Gage Mitchell, Who is starting the MTC today! We REJOICE in his choice of serving our heavenly father and our Savior Jesus Christ. The people in Louisiana are definitely going to be blessed!!!

Elder Gage Mitchell. REJOICE!

May each of you always have a reason to REJOICE!

Elder and Sister Mitchell

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