Whirlwind’s in Michigan

We have witnessed some major storms here in Michigan. When the storms decide to come they come quickly and ferociously wild! It’s crazy because the skies get super dark and then after the storm the sun comes back up and it is bright. It lays down lots of water, but you do not see mud all over. Because of all the beautiful trees everywhere, you see trees that have been damaged by the storm. Sorry to all of you that got the picture of a car with a bunch of trees on it. It accidentally got sent before my blog. That is not our car in the picture! It is absolutely amazing how quickly damage can happen! Our area and all around us just barely got power through the middle of the night last night. We take for granted power, our Internet, and our amazing water!

That tree totally uprooted!
On our walk Tuesday morning after the terrific storm. We saw a flock of Canadian geese fly by, one of the geese was flying really low. It came on the ground and we could tell it was injured. It was amazing because I went right up close to it and was able to take this picture.

In our Book of Mormon reading we just readed 3 Nephi 4. It is a tremendous chapter. The battle between the Nephites and the Gadianton robbers finally takes place. As the robbers approach the Nephite army, the army “had all fallen to the earth, and did lift their cries to the Lord their God, that he would spare them and deliver them out of the hands of their enemies.” (3 Nephi 4:10) The robbers shouted for Joy thinking the Nephites were intimidated by them and their appearance. As it says in 3 Nephi 4:10. “ but in these things they were disappointed…” We love that phrase in the Book of Mormon. The Nephites Who consisted of all those who oppose the robbers, beat back the attack of the robbers and ultimately destroyed them.

In the last part of chapter 4 it provides beautiful insights of the gratitude and joy experienced by the Nephites. “ Yea, they did cry: hosanna to the most high God. And they did cry: blessed be the name of the Lord God Almighty, the most high God. And their hearts were swollen with joy, and to the gushing out of many tears, because of the great goodness of God in delivering them out of the hands of their enemies; and they knew it was because of their repentance and their humility that they had been delivered from an everlasting destruction.” (3 Nephi 4:32,33)

We have found in our own lives that we can go forward in the strength of the Lord like these Nephites. We can be delivered as we approach the Father every day in the name of our Savior, repenting daily and possessing the gift of humility. These people experienced an absolute miracle as they fought valiantly against the robbers. We are very much aware that our robbers in this life is Satan!!!!

President M. Russell Nelson has said “ Repentance is the key to avoiding misery inflicted by traps of the adversary. The Lord does not expect perfection from us at this point in our eternal progression. But he does expect us to become increasingly pure. Daily repentance is the pathway to purity, and purity brings power. Personal purity can make us powerful tools in the hands of God. Our repentance, our purity will empower us to help in the gathering of Israel.”

We have been blessed through daily repentance and increasing our purity that has led us to have opportunities to be powerful instruments in the hands of God to bless the lives of his children in Michigan. We have found that humility and listening to the Holy Ghost has blessed our life‘s tremendously! There is so much work to be done throughout the world and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to all of our friends!!!!! IS SO IMPORTANT!!!!

Transfers were last week, we were so sad to lose Elder Matangi. We grew to love him and his culture. As he left our home Monday night and said good-bye he presented to us a gift. The Haka, this one represented, “Thru the grace of God may I never forget thee.” Hope you enjoy this video it touched us sooooooo!!

Elder Matangi
Sister Stewart she went home, she was also in our district.

Elder Stoker is in our area, with a new missionary Elder Monson both of them are from Arizona.

Love Elder and Sister Mitchell


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